Kathleen Rogers is a visual artist working within emergent interdisciplinary fields that intersect the arts and humanities and life sciences.

Working with digital materials, video, sound, photography, drawing and installation her interdisciplinary projects operate at the intersections of art, biotechnology and ecology and informed by social and political and cultural issues. A pioneer of early computer art and virtual reality, for over two decades she has continuously explored the relationship between technology and the arts gaining international recognition as an artist and scholar in communities of practice ranging from performance, video art, virtual telepresence, the sensory interfacing of the human body and bio-art. Reflecting on concepts of the evolutionary post human and the anthropocene her work seeks to demonstrate ways in which the visual arts can shift and challenge meaning in emergent global scientific cultural contexts. She is interested in the technical, procedural aspects of creativity and her work seeks to expand the cultural, ethical and social dimensions and impact of art and science on culture and human identity.  Her interest in molecular science developed from her research in the 90’s looking at the mythical status of the maize plant in pre-scientific cultures and making links between biotechnology, ecology and concepts of the gene in ancient and contemporary Mayan culture in Mexico. She is Professor of Media Arts and Science at the University for the Creative Arts since 2010. She lives and works in London, UK.


Her artworks are exhibited in public art museums and galleries, festivals, screening events and conferences internationally including representation in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, USA, Japan, Russia and Lithuania, Albania and is held in international public collections the UK and Russia. Select exhibitions include Evolution Haute Couture within the 3rd Moscow Biennale, National Gallery for Contemporary Art, Kalingrad, Russia, Genesis the Art of Creation, Paul Klee Museum,Bern,Switzerland, Lost in Lace, Birmingham City Museum Art Gallery, Crossing Over, Art, Science and Biotechnologies,  Royal Institution of Great Britain London, Inside, Arte e Ciencia at Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Video works have been screened at Ars Electronica (Linz), Femme Totalle (Dortmund), European Media Art Festival (Osnabruck), New Visions Media Festival (Glasgow), Video Fest (Berlin), Konzept Art von Frauen (Bremen), Video Positive (Liverpool), Edinburgh Film Festival (Edinburgh), ICA (London) and others. Lectures and presentations in conferences and symposiums at British Film Institute (London), Royal College of Art (London), I.S.E.A. (Helsinki), University of Wales (Consciousness Reframed, Newport), Cambridge University (National Science Week, Cambridge), Berkeley University (American Association of Anthropology, USA), University of Arizona (Towards a Science of Consciousness), University of Northern Arizona (Arts, Culture, Nature), French Ministry of Culture, (Paris), Documenta X(Kassel).
Archive projects on this site include early art and video art works exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Central Space Gallery, the Exeter Memorial Museum , Walter Phillips Gallery, Earthwire, Cleveland, UK, Belluard Bulwark, Friborg,Switzerland, Centre for Contemporary Arts,Vilnius, the Millais Gallery, Southampton, Kettles Yard Gallery, NOISE, Cambridge, Headlands Centre for the Arts, Marin, USA, The Lab, The Gateway Project, San Francisco, National Gallery for the Arts,Tirana, and early VR work in the State of the Image, Antwerp,Belgium.

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