Cosmopolitical Futures - The Anthropocenic Human + Projects series reflects my long time interest and research in foundational studies and theories of quantum physics and projects exploring the nature and properties of living matter. As environmental changes force themselves into our physical consciousness we find ourselves re-thinking connections between politics, nature and humanity. Stengers, uses the term, Cosmopolitics to stress the relationship between the political order and scientific models of reality.Fixed notions of “humanness’ have been dramatically transformed by posthumanist theories entangled with transgenics, biomedicine and bio-mimesis. In projects – Black Lace, Human Donor and Tremor, I explore artistic and methodological approaches that allude to Barad’s theories on counterintuitive interpretation of quantum physics. Barad informs an emergent zeitgeist in philosophical and cultural theory (Stengers, Bennett, Braidotti,Latour,Haraway,Serres) making connections between vitalist materialism, science and politics and ethics.

Barad's work proposes that agency does not originate in human intention but resides in all of matter. She proposes that matter bears the mark of human agency in ways that release human intention. Her radical ontology proposes the collapse of partitions between mind and matter; suggesting ways to re-consider ethics, sentience and values within a new diffractive methodology she calls “Agential Realism”. The philosopher, and founding quantum physicist Niels Bohr made account of ways in which words and worlds are inextricably linked as discursive and material practices in the iterative reworking of the ‘objects” that we study.

The Anthropocene era is the contemporary epoch in which geologic conditions and processes are overwhelmingly shaped by human technologies and forces that impact our shared physical, social, cultural and economic world.


In a biological context a FATE MAP refers to the membrane surface of fertilized egg, predicting which regions will form various tissues and parts of the body, touching on the deepest aspects of human identity at the quantum level.




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