VIDEO INSTALLATION Media: video projection and sound
Duration: 8 minute Loop

Edition 02 - 3 x screen video projection and sound. Duration: 8 minute Loops.

+ Photographic installation with texts.

Video and sound installation developed originally commissioned as a response to the moral and political challenges facing the Baltic state of Lithuania in 1998, as part of Twilight.In 1998 Lithuania was in the process of rapid economic expansion and modernization and the work was commissioned as part of Sutemos/Twilight, Lithuania's first international exhibition of media art at the Soros Centre of Contemporary Art, Vilnius.

Following a long contested territorial history and brief period of ferocious Nazi occupation in 1941 from 1945-1990 the Baltic state of Lithuania was annexed as a republic of the Soviet Union.  After 50 years of occupation by the USSR, Lithuania was the first Baltic state to declare of independence 1991. When I arrived in 1997 to carry out arts research the country was in the process of radical change.

I was introduced to Palinai Panamarciuk. Originally from Belarus  she had been a nurse in the Russian Red Army and was then 79 years old, and living in the village of Raudondvaris in Kaunas. Introductions were coordinated by researchersDr. Nijolei Laurinkienei and photographer of sacred landscapes, Vygintui Vaitkeviciui, from the Instituteof Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. Palinai Panamarciuk carried out regular private devotional and healing rituals in a sacred site near the banks of Neman river in the Kaunas district and so I went to meet her and she allowed me to produce a video portrait of her ritual journey from the river bank, through the forests to a hidden cave collecting ice and water.

“Kathleen Rogers' work examines parallels between the knowledge systems of ancient civilizations and patterned codes in nature, between psychic and technological transmission and reception. Her new work in "Twilight" explores what Deleuze and Guattari have described as the "resonance and redundancy" of the codes of place and identity drawing on Lithuania's long history as a contested space, inscribed with violent - identity conflicts”

UK co-ordinator and co-curator – Tracey Warr


+ Exhbition - National Gallery Tirana, Albania, Onufri