The site specific expanded photo series entitled CERN – FATE MAPS - ENTANGLEMENTS made up of film essays and creative writing conceived and produced in response to site visits to the Particle Collider, at CERN in Meyrin, Geneva, 2017 (The European Laboratory for Particle Physics). 

I see these works as philosophic poetic enactments and entanglements of matter and subjectivity in the context of modern physics. The work explores the embodiment of historical trauma.

The folio explores photography and the politics of space applying poetic, conceptual and philosophical approaches to subatomic/high energy physics research within the Atlas experiment at CERN visitor site. The project integrates on-going thematic research interests aligned with texts inspired by the writings of theoretical physicists Neils Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli on quantum mechanics raising questions on the catalyzing nature of consciousness and matter and the stability of the real. The work explores solipsism and transcendentalism to connects counterintuitive interpretations of quantum high energy physics to visual poetics.


 Pauli, Wolfgang; Jung, C G (2001). Atom and Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters, 1932-1958. ed. C.A. Meier. Princeton University Press. pp. 179–196. 


Here, There and Everywhere

Site specific expanded photo series consisting 40 x black and white photographs with captions under under to multiply meanings. 210 x 297mm + (various dimensions) in process of producing Photobook edition publication:  binding: embossed black linen bound hardback- dimensions 263mm x 263mm - pages 89 –  presented 40 black and white photographs with captions on opposite pages

The Here, There and Everywhere – CMS Experiment. Photographs focusing on the original 90’s entrance sign into the high energy physics detector (CMS) buildings at the P1 security gate of the Atlas experiment at CERN’s LHC, Meyrin, Geneva. The CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid)  collision detector was used to collect data that contributed to the Higgs boson observation made by Nobel Prize winners François Englert and Peter Higgs. The CMS set up contributed to a theoretical understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles predicted by the Standard Model. The photographic work Here, There and Everywhere plays with the idea of capturing cosmic ray by-products passaging through human and non-human worlds.



I Poor Orphan

Site specific expanded photo series consisting 40 x black and white photographs with captions under - 210 x 297mm + (various dimensions) plus photo-book edition publication:  binding: embossed black linen bound hardback - dimensions 263mm x 263mm - pages 89 - presenting 40 black and white photographs with captions opposite pages.

Photo series response to visiting CERN documenting features in the concrete plaza drop zone of the reception, shop and visitor centre zone that sits opposite the iconic dome of the Universe of Particles, Meyrin, CERN. The series offers reflections on the philosophy of science, personal narrative and memory. Captions allude to hidden memory and trauma in the wider political and sociocultural collective remembering.

The establishment of CERN in Geneva represents a gesture of scientific cooperation as a legacy of the nuclear atrocities of the second world war. Imbued with silence and the unknowable violence of collisions, gambling on war or peace and operating under its own exclusivity. For the outsider, the ground site is dominated by road blocks, security barriers and surveillance cameras. The Jura mountains send massive ragged clouds and shadows over green open spaces. The research buildings, pumping stations, cooling towers and parking lots, wide roads and run down areas divide the site into a grey dystopic flatland invoking a 70’s science fiction film set. The hidden satellite systems, the social ordering and perimeter high wire fences invoke cold war secrecy and danger. The expanded photographic work I Poor Orphan was shaped by embodied experiences of interpersonal violence.