krogers styal.png

Video Installation based on site specific series - 4 x 10 minute episodes, 2019

Producer/Director Kathleen Rogers/sound design based on compositions by Z’ev.

The video installation, Remembering the Unknown, Interweaves animated typographic poetics, sound composition and photography, to provide an interdisciplinary approach to autoethnographic life writing that intersects with research into transgenerational epigenetic Inheritance.

Text animations and manipulated still images bring together poetic and philosophical accounts and themes expanded the theoretical framework of my most recent research - Writing in Body – The Dark Matter of the Genome. Working from previously produced site specific expanded black and white photography the work offers an emotive account of how photography and traumatic events might share a common structure.


My father David Rogers was born in 1922 in Quebec, Canada. My grandmother Hilda Hitchens was born in London and emigrated there with her husband to later return alone to Manchester with her four children. Genealogical research into the social and historical experiences of my father and my grandmother provided the inspiration or this revision of recent work. Post-genomic science is providing proof of bio-molecular mechanisms and tags that transmit trauma and PTSD as a signature legacy across generations. The installation, Remembering the Unknown, addresses themes of traumatic memory and remembrance in the context of new fields of scientific research into transgenerational epigenetic Inheritance whereby the trauma of parents and grandparents comes to haunt subsequent generations.